The Crazy Canuck ~ Waterloo


So it was the boy’s birthday and he said we had to take him out to The Crazy Canuck for dinner.  Generally, he picks great places to eat so we happily agreed.  We get there and walk in and it turns out the place is a BBQ smokehouse that ranks up there with some of the best ones we’ve been to!


The Food

The food on our table was ribs with a poutine side and pulled pork quesadillas.  The in-house smoked ribs were good and the poutine was great but the story here was the pulled pork.  Apparently, it is the best pulled pork of all time.  One of us thinks it is better than the pulled pork at home; the other doesn’t think that and is a little hurt about it.  The beer (from a local brewer) is good and cold and the meal overall  was great!


The Crazy Canuck is a great relaxing place to hang out with friends and eat great food.  The giant patio seats a pile of people at picnic tables under a wood roof.  The inside is unique and informal; just the way we like it!  After ordering our food at the counter, we went to sit down inside at the table beside the license plates from all over Canada.  (they’re missing a PEI and a Newfoundland if you’re interested.  Maybe you’ll get free food or something!)  The interior of the place is a little eclectic with LPs nailed to the wall in a line and movie posters.  The effect is just cool!

Eet Smakelijk!!


The Crazy Canuck
845 Weber St N
Waterloo ON


The Crazy Canuck on Urbanspoon



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