Memphis Fire Barbeque Company ~ Winona

Memphis Fire Barbeque Company is one of the best diners around.    Somewhere in the back is a talented chef who delights in making simple diner food in creative ways.  From everyone I have ever talked to, this place is the place to come to if you like burgers, ribs, wings and fries done right!

The Food

All the food here is smoked or cooked in house and the care and dedication to good eating is evident in each of the items we have had.   The burgers here are simply amazing but so is the pulled pork and the ribs and the wings and probably everything else that comes out of that kitchen.    This is the kind of place where the fans talk about the food with missionary zeal .    Apparently, the breakfasts are legendary and worth getting up early for and the handspun milkshakes (whatever that means) are too.


Walking into Memphis Fire is like walking into a 50’s diner.  From the milkshake machines to the inordinate number of Coca-cola signs on the walls.  this place just looks fun! If you want to sit outside, there are picnic tables on the porch. With this many people raving about it, you had better come try it out!

Eet Smakelijk!

2Memphis Fire Barbeque Company

1091 Highway 8,
Winona, ON
(905) 930 7675


Breakfast 8 am – 10:45 am
Lunch Starting at 11:30 Monday to Friday
Lunch Starting at 12:00pm Saturday, Sunday & Holidays
Seating for Dinner stops at 9:00pm
Those in line at 9:00pm will gladly be seated

Memphis Fire Barbeque Company on Urbanspoon


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