Burger Barn ~ Ohswegan

So we saw Burger Barn featured on the Food Network’s show You Gotta Eat Here! and, upon realizing that it was close to us, (Who’s heard of Ohswegan?) we  made our way there in the next few weeks.  We Gotta Say, this place is good! I think we agree with John Catucci! out

The Food

So we’ve been a few times now and so far, everything has been great.  The burgers are excellent and vary a lot in type.  We were planning to do the Barnyard Burger but it was just too much meat (It’s a chicken patty, bacon, two beef patties.  You come try it) so we wussed out.  We had the Double bacon Burger and a Pulled Pork Sandwich the first time and everything that came to the table was excellent!  Since then we have had different burgers and the breakfast and we have not been disappointed yet!  The only thing we found somewhat annoying is that they are not licensed.  So, no beer with your burgers.  Even so, you need to come check this place out!in


When you pull up to the place it looks like (somewhat predictably) a barn.  The rustic nature continues inside whether you sit at the tables or at the long bar.   The decor on the walls is nice but at Burger Barn, its really the food that brings you in not the decor.  One thing that we found nice was that there was NO TAX!  That makes a nice drop on your bill and makes this place even better!

Eet Smakelijk!!

Burger Barn
3000 Fourth Line
Ohsweken, Ontario

8 am – 9 pm
7 Days a Week


Burger Barn on Urbanspoon


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